HTML Infos : video


A video element represents a video or movie.



Attribute's nameAttribute's valueAttribute's description
autobuffertrue | falseIndicates the browser to load the video event if it does not autoplay.
autoplaytrue | falseIf set to true, the video will start playing as soon as it is ready.
controlstrue | falseIf set to true, the user is shown some controls, such as a play button.
heightnumeric valueThe height of the element.
looptrue | falseIf specified, indicates that the video is to seek back to the start upon reaching the end.
posterurlThe address of an image file that the user agent can show while no video data is available.
srcurlDefines the URL of the video file.
widthnumeric valueThe width of the element.


<video src="file.ogg">
    <p>Alternative text</p>
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